Why call a “new business consultant” for help with your next pitch?

call for new business help

We can’t help you if we don’t hear from you.

It’s a question I’ve heard, and not infrequently, as a consultant to marketing firms and a coach for their leaders. We can bring a whole new approach to new business to your firm. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider reaching out before your next ad agency pitch.

10 Reasons To Call For Help:

  1. The account is larger than you normally pitch for.
  2. You have lost the last few pitches you made.
  3. The account is not in a category you are familiar with.
  4. A search consultant is involved.
  5. Your pitch presentation resembles a Chinese fire drill.
  6. Your pitch strategy puts stress on creative to “win it.”
  7. You are up against some serious competition.
  8. The term “personality profiling” means nothing to you.
  9. The agency hasn’t made a formal custom pitch in a year.
  10. You really want to win this pitch.

If you answer “yes” on any of the Top 10 Reasons, then we recommend an immediate call to discuss your opportunity.

Ad agencies usually see these big new business opportunities in one of two ways. First, agencies view the pitch as a game of chance or luck. Here the thinking continues that if an agency makes enough presentations, an opportunity to be selected will come up. Just do your best and hope for some good luck. The second false belief is that the best creative always wins. This is rarely the case. The agency that presents the best usually wins the presentation if its creative is appropriate. Winning these a pitch is all in understanding the prospect’s needs, their selection process, the personalities involved and the strategies that will fit best.

Give us a call, and perhaps we can help. Reach out, we can help your firm grow. 412.897.9329 or just email us [email protected]


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