The lack of agency growth is all about what takes place within an agency. It’s rarely what takes place outside an agency.

Again and again,

The impossible problem is solved.

Again and again we see an agency can grow,

Once we understand that the impossible problem of limited growth,

Is nothing more than a series of tough decisions,

Waiting to be made.

For today to be a success,

Today has to be a day of decisions.

It’s not time, nor talent, nor circumstances, nor location that holds an agency back. It’s the agency that holds the agency back. The most important, and hidden, ad agency barriers limit growth. 

The biggest barriers to agency growth are past prejudices, bad habits, lack of knowledge, limited management priority, misplaced resources, and poor leadership. These barriers can be overcome in when the management team makes decisions and sticks by those decisions.

Zen of New Business. 

An agency often finds it difficult to succeed in new business unless it launches on journey of self-discovery.

An agency often finds it difficult to succeed in new business unless it launches on journey of self-discovery.

What are you doing to help your agency overcome the barriers that limit growth?

Something remarkable occurs when an agency takes action and focuses on growth. We call it the Zen of New Business. Once you decide to tackle new business, reach out and call, engage in learning a different approach, focus for just a bit, take action, you’ve tapped into an unusual agency phenomenon; Typically we find that within a few weeks of being on-site with a marketing firm a new business opportunity lands in their lap.

We’re never sure why, or how this happens. Is it the firm’s desire for the recognition and acknowledgment that growth brings? Some hidden connection in the universe?

Or just the simple concept that by taking action you’ve created a heighten awareness and are more responsive to what would have been a hidden opportunity…

After all, growth is the ultimate accolade that most agencies, and by extension ourselves, seek. 

And if by having us bring the necessary attention to solving your new business issues and finally understanding “We are good. We are really good” then half the battle is already won.

That’s the Zen of New Business.