Another year is almost in the books, and the holidays are right around the corner.

ad agency new business planning

The best way to win more new business is head on; don’t wait till someone plunders your accounts.

Now is the time to take stock of the past year’s new business efforts – how did you do? Really?

Did your agency generate enough new leads this past year? Enough growth? Is it time to upgrade the type of clients you’re working with now? Was your staff energized about new business? Is there some new competition nosing around? Do your pitches really capture your team’s thinking? Do you present your agency in the best light? Or just more of the same old same old?

What can you do to change?

You need to believe.

Yes, things can improve. Yes, things can change for the better. Yes, your team’s efforts can create new business opportunities for you. But you must start the change process to bring this about. Change for the better usually doesn’t happen by accident.

You need to trust.

Believe in planning. It’s where your solutions will come from. Remember President Eisenhower’s famous observation: “Plans are worthless, but planning is invaluable.” So trust in the planning process. Invest in a strategic first step. It’s what you recommend to your clients.

You need to choose.

Understand you have some options. If you have some specific new business weaknesses, we can help address those. But if you’re not sure where to begin, and you believe your new business effort should be explored from top to bottom, then opt for DayOne. It’s a complete, new-business mapping process. And it’s the most efficient way to begin.

Map a new future.

DayOne begins with a general meeting with your management team to review past new business wins and failures, to evaluate your current positioning, and gauge how you are branded. We’ll review the firm’s strategic development process to assess its ability to serve as a major closing tool. We’ll cover a number of key options on which we need to reach consensus in order to build the strongest possible new business system.

DayOne Deliverables:

  • Your new business plans will be mapped out, and your management team will be committed towards achieving your new business objectives.
  • Your current positioning, branding and past new business performances will be evaluated and clear steps taken to make any changes necessary.
  • Your agency leaders will have identified the preferred growth options, programs and initiatives that will enable you to fix new business forever.
  • Your leaders will have received valuable insight and training on the key elements of growth.
  • Your facilities will be evaluated, and you will have a plan in place on how to improve your firm’s curb appeal so you can give a strong capabilities presentation by walking around your offices.
  • Your brand and targeting, its outreach approach and the impact of management style on future plans, will all be detailed.
  • Twelve key new business metrics will be reviewed and established as management goals.
  • New business roles and responsibilities will be identified and assigned, and specific action steps will be called for over the next 90 days.
  • You will feel confident that your firm can execute the program outlined and that the plan will achieve the growth.

What Others Say About DayOne:

“I can’t believe how much we accomplished in one day. I was shocked.” President of a Southeast Agency with a 10-member staff

“It was really good for our people to hear firsthand how it is out there, what clients are thinking and why they act the way they do.” New Business Director of Latin American Region (Global Agency)

“It was a home run by any measure. You’ve created a head of steam that will really move us forward.” President of a Midwest Agency with 70 people

“When my team pitched me on a DayOne, I was really skeptical. I thought I had seen it all, but you pointed out things we needed to change that I never would have spotted. Thanks so much for your insights.” President of a National Agency in Mid-Atlantic region

DayOne is supported with an 80-page guide and mapping book that will keep the knowledge gained fresh for years. You will receive an informed and professional assessment concerning your firm’s ability to grow, feedback on facilities and what you can expect from the new business plans just put into place.

Competition is fierce in the creative services industry, and it takes leadership, vision and teamwork to grow an agency today. Head out now and start to plunder someone else’s accounts! 

Out to plunder photo by kellebass