There are times when providing new directions in agency growth can be very rewarding.

new directions in ad agency growthOur tag line is “New Directions For Agency Growth.” What this means is we work hard to really understand our craft, offer our best advice, and help implement tested and proven methodologies that provide agencies of all types new growth. We don’t do it for you – we teach you how to do it. Faster, better, more effectively. Be it organic, or carefully constructed new business systems, growth is the name of the game.

Sometimes that growth is tangible, meaning the agency hires new people, makes more money, and wins new business. And there are times when it’s more cultural, meaning the agency leadership is renewed and energized. Tangible growth often follows the culture – what we call the Zen of New Business. Sometimes both occur simultaneously.

New Directions In Growth:

Let me tell you about this mid-sized agency down south. A little over a year ago we were invited in for a DayOne new business planning session. It seems they had been really struggling the last couple of years, losing business and drifting along on an old name and a fading legacy. After a few half-hearted attempts to self-start their new business program, the very frustrated agency president reached out to see if we could help. Hell, we couldn’t hurt. The DayOne was the start of a lasting relationship. We outlined a growth strategy and over the next few months helped implement a few of our programs.

The agency was like a stick of dynamite just waiting for someone to light the fuse. The leadership team and staff were waiting for someone to show them the way. The results have been, well, very rewarding.

new directions for growth

Learn some new directions for growth.

Today, the agency has fully embraced our teachings. They invested in a total re-branding effort and established a new name. They went on to implement our Benefit Testing strategic development process and started using it in pitches to move up the strategic marketing ladder. They incorporated Personality Profiling into their client retention and new business programs. The agency has grown from 30 people to over 50 people. The agency has not lost a new business pitch since we started working with them. The agency exceeded profit projections by $750,000 (that’s over-goal). The president rewarded himself with a sizable bonus, and is redoing his house along with buying a new boat (to use as a new business tool, of course).

We were recently back there to train their new employees on Personality Profiling and Benefit Testing and to do general tune up. There were a whole bunch of new employees on hand for the training.

At the kick off the agency president gave a speech to everyone in the agency. Here’s the center-piece of that talk:

“The fabric of this agency is built around three things. The first is our strong cost accounting that lets you know when we are being profitable on a piece of business and you know you share in those profits. Second is benefit testing, our strategic development process. Third is personality profiling. These three are the foundation of our culture and the fabric of the agency. These three are mandatory as long as you work here. In fact, you will not be successful here at this agency if you don’t understand these three things well. We have to thank Sanders Consulting for bringing two of them to us last year which has formed the foundation of the new agency we have created.”

The whole agency was on hand. It was a happy time.

We have helped thousands of agencies worldwide to grow. And we would like to offer you the same insight and knowledge we shared with the agency above. What would happen if we were to work together for a whole year, developing the perfect new business growth strategy for your agency?

Think about it. And give us a call.


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