• “Hire me!” Clients often end up on this end of a pack of agencies all asking for their business. How can you pick one? How would you? What stands out?

    Ad Agency Branding, Culture and Leadership

    Every marketing firm is unique, but many end up sounding and looking the same. The key question is why? Marketing firms, from traditional ad agencies to creative hot shops to […]

  • There are many agencies, all showing a different face, and yet everyone’s the same.

    The Ad Agency Consulting Model Conundrum

    There is a serious push in the advertising industry for marketing agencies to develop some sort of new consulting model. The news is filled with stories about consulting, ad agencies, […]

  • Unless you’ve made the effort to define your agency’s brand, you’re likely to miss one opportunity after another.

    Ad Agency Branding Leadership Lesson

    We have been shouting from the roof tops that the agency brand is the most important element of new business. Sadly, there are many agencies that feel their brand is […]

  • Learn some new directions for growth.

    Agency Life: Sometimes Results Speak for Themselves

    There are times when providing new directions in agency growth can be very rewarding. Our tag line is “New Directions For Agency Growth.” What this means is we work hard to really […]

  • Growing your ad agency the old fashioned way.

    One Plus One Equals Three For Ad Agency

    Growing the old fashioned way is often overlooked but it can be one of the best ways to grow. A general agency in the Mid-Atlantic region was strong at new […]

  • Accept that your agency has strengths and weaknesses, and use every tool to achieve your goals.

    The Mistake of Misunderstanding Chemistry

    Blair Enns, founder of Win Without Pitching, wrote a great article on 10 new business development myths. In it he references my father, Stuart Sanders (founder of Sanders Consulting Group), […]

  • How many agencies are all trying to do the same thing?

    Stop Following the Formal Pitch Process!

    Most agencies look and act pretty much the same to most prospects – perhaps doing something differently can help you stand out and win. Let me share a short story to […]

  • Make new business a rewarding experience at your agency.

    How Can I Get My Staff More Involved in New Business?

    This is one of the many questions we get when consulting with ad agencies. Sadly this is a problem faced by far too many agencies. It should be part of […]

  • What’s The Secret New Business Tool?

    What’s The Secret New Business Tool?

    It’s always a little surprising to me when an ad agency can’t figure out what happened. They lose a pitch. Or they lose a client. And they wonder why? Every […]

  • We're great at everything!

    5 Ways to Help Brand Your Ad Agency

    The problem with branding a traditional advertising agency is there is nothing to hold on to – there is nothing tangible to grasp, shake, and define as being unique. The […]