Another new business loss – and the prospect will never tell you that your presentation sucked.

New Business Presentation SuckedRather the prospect will say, “Their creative was better.” Or maybe you heard that old refrain, “They really understand our market better.” Or my favorite, “You were so close, but they had better insight into our customers.”

What are your options? Blame your creative department? Blame your new business team? Blame the search process? Blame the client?

Sanders Consulting’s job is to get you winning one out of every two new business presentations you make. Your job is to give us a try.

Change your view on new business presentations.

Understand that the other agency probably gave a much better presentation than you did. You were out-presented, and now your “content” is given as the excuse for your not being selected. What you need to know is that the other agency presented what they had to say better. And that is what won the account.

Every pitch is made up of four elements – Style, Format, Content, and Chemistry. And most agencies mishandle these four elements completely by putting all their time and energy into content. Your content, properly presented, could have won.

The presentation rule is simple but true – the best presentation usually wins the account.

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Your job is to fill the room with magic.

Understanding how to use all four elements to improve your presentations is a critical skill set essential to winning tough presentations. Remember, the biggest new business secret is that the best presentation usually wins the account. It’s not the best content but the best presentation that prevails. Content is only given any credit, or blame, when the prospect explains to you why you lost. As a result, too many agencies never take their eye off the content ball.

Winning formal reviews means you need to perfect the skills, elements and strategies needed to win the account. Our one-day training session offered onsite at your agency, Presenting to Win, will clearly show you how to win major presentations. And never hear your “new business presentation sucked” again!

We want to make your firm the most effective new business presentation machine in the market. And it all starts with a simple call. Call Bob at 412-897-9329 if you have any questions. 

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