One day can make a difference if you’re here:

  • Fix new business forever!

    Don’t just survive – soar.

    You see lots of business opportunities, but you aren’t sure how to tap into them

  • Your new business batting average isn’t that hot
  • You aren’t growing as fast as you need to
  • You’re not sure which way to organize for new business
  • You have questions about your firm’s positioning
  • You don’t know whether or not your agency’s brand is right or outdated
  • You feel prospects see little separation between you and your competition
  • You believe you sound like everyone else
  • How you and your management team describe your firm seems weak and ineffectual
  • You know an outside perspective is very valuable, just like the outside perspective you offer your clients
  • Having a new business pro on deck for a day might get a lot of questions answered
  • You don’t mind investing in your business if it will grow the business
  • You are tired of doing it all alone
  • You have run out of answers but the questions keep coming
  • Your team has lost its new business energy and enthusiasm
  • You want to work more strategically

Want to get your agency growing? Order in a DayOne right away.

Our DayOne New Business Mapping Process will bring clarity to your efforts, consensus to your management team, and peace of mind to you that you are getting serious about new business and taking positive first steps.

What is DayOne?

DayOne is a one-day new business assessment and planning session conducted by a senior consultant from Sanders Consulting Group at the agency. It’s one-third evaluation, one-third reporting, and one-third new business planning. It’s the most important new business day in an agency’s life.

What’s the purpose of DayOne?

To show agency senior management the various options for dramatic growth, which skills are most needed, and how a full new business program would work complete with time lines and expected payout.

When should an agency request a DayOne?

We find it a good practice for an agency with a smooth running new business system to organize a new business DayOne evaluation and planning day every two years. This tends to keep the skills sharp and the agency on focus. An outside moderator makes sure all points of view are heard and will be able to ask the tough questions needed to maximize performance.

For agencies with a new business process that is under performing, an immediate new business DayOne retreat will help get the program back on track. The evaluation will show what skill areas are most weak and what outside intervention can correct most quickly.

For an agency with a new team and many new players, the new business DayOne retreat will help build consensus, bring all members of the team up to speed together and focus the agency on the importance of new business.

For senior managers who are undecided on the best way to improve new business, a DayOne planning session is golden. The day-long planning session will crystallize the best direction to go, the best methods to follow, where the agency’s strengths and weaknesses really are and give an outside evaluation that helps senior management understand how bad the situation really is.

To schedule a DayOne retreat at your agency, call Sanders Consulting Group at 412.897.9329 or email [email protected]. New business help is just a click away.


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