It’s always a little surprising to me when an ad agency can’t figure out what happened.

new business secret

The best kept new business secret.

They lose a pitch. Or they lose a client. And they wonder why? Every agency person I talk with agrees – we’re in a people business. It’s all about the relationship. But so few agencies focus on understanding how to manage, control, or build good relationships with prospects and clients. Myers Briggs and the Keirsey Temperament Sorter are too complex, too hard to remember and not focused on the unique agency world. Isn’t there an easier way? Yes, there is. The secret new business tool.

We call it Chemistry.

It’s vital to any agency to understand how to use personality profiling as a way to help you select the best approach to both new business and client retention. Profiling is the key to making a good presentation to a client or prospect. It’s all about what makes a client most comfortable. You are not presenting to a corporation; you are presenting to a person who has likes and dislikes on how he or she prefers to receive information and make decisions.

This past week I taught several agencies the basics of understanding Chemistry. A few comments:

Bob is an amazing presenter and has truly presents the content is a way that is completely relevant and engaging to the audience. I’ve studied personality styles and attended many different session but have never seen something so tailored for the industry and completely relevant on a daily basis. Agency Director


Bob is a brilliant student of the human condition. He facilitates the understanding of relationships, between the self and others, that are often not explored in business. It’s an invaluable tool to help release judgment and promote compassion and consciousness in the workplace. Chief Creative Officer


Today, it is necessary for us marketers to differentiate ourselves and be better prepared than the rest of the competition. After attending Bob’s session, I learned that there is an extremely valuable, perhaps “secret weapon-like”, way to ensure you will be best prepared and have more success in wining new business – profiling. It’s actually quite genius; developing a unified approach, from the very first meeting to the final pitch, based on facts, observations and characteristics that are right in front of you, who would have thought? I can’t wait to put this new learning to good use. Sr Engagement Manager


Just a day after hearing Bob speak, I was on a call with a prospective client. As soon as we hung up, I turned to our President and used what I had learned to identify the prospect’s personality, and talk about how if we want to win we need to change our approach and make sure we’re catering to his boss – the real decision maker. Project Manager


What an interesting presentation! Bob was so animated and friendly, and made a typically static topic VERY dynamic. It was also nice to hear how this system works in every aspect of your life, not just at the office. I found myself wanting more at the end of his presentation, because he was so engaging and the content was just plain COOL! Interactive Designer


What’s the number one reason clients leave? Chemistry!

What’s the number one reason a firm gets selected in new business pitches? Chemistry!

In every client survey the relationship, or chemistry, is listed is the number one reason people pick or keep an agency partner. Make sure your firm uses Chemistry to win more new business and keep clients longer.

The people-handling skills taught will have more positive impact on your agency than any other step you can take. Two options to really understanding how to manage, control, and build good Chemistry.


Profiling | New Business Chemistry

Work session with senior staff on using chemistry to increase the agency’s new business success • Agency learns how to profile clients and prospects • How to approach 4 different types of prospects • What prospects are really looking for • Presentation tune up • Supported with 120-page Agency Personality and Tour Procedure manual.


High Gear | Shifting Account Management to a New Level

Hands-on client profiling & retention workshop • Fresh look at the role and responsibilities of account management • Changing role of account management • Understanding the client world • Moving from tactics to strategy • Selling the work • Shifting programs to campaigns • Setting price and value for what you offer • How to negotiate • Improve your teams social skills. • Trans-formative organic growth • Session is supported with 120-page HighGear Training manual.


“It’s a secret” Photo by Hanna4ever