• Ad Agency Learns "Less is More" In New Business

    Ad Agency Learns "Less is More" In New Business

    Two weeks after Torch Training, a 20-person agency received a tip – a national hotel chain was unhappy with their current agency. The principal gave the prospect a call, introduced […]

  • Find a way to simplify the pitch process.

    47% of Ad Agencies Hate the New Business Pitch Process

    Pitching is part of an advertising agency’s DNA; it’s often mandatory if an agency wants to acquire new business. With the average length of the client relationship diminishing from eight […]

  • Most capabilities presentations are just killing time.

    Need to win more new business? Don’t show your capability presentation!

    First Contact: The Key Step That Turns a Good Prospect into a Client. One of the biggest new business mistakes usually happens at the initial point of contact in the […]

  • Love winning new business.

    A Hard Lesson In New Business

    The head of account service (we’ll call him “Tom”) at a fast-moving regional agency was on a roll. Tom had just closed the largest account in the history of the […]

  • Power up your relationship building skills.

    Understanding People Pays Big Dividends

    A call came in from a small agency with a big challenge: how to better understand prospects to win some new business. The agency wanted to win the advertising account of […]

  • Reach out and grab new business this year.

    New Business Tips For The New Year!

    The New Year will bring forth many new opportunities.  We can help by providing some powerful new business ideas for the New Year. We offer you guided help with your […]

  • There is one clear winner at the end of an RFP process.

    Winning The RFP Process: 10 Rules

    Let me start out by saying I really don’t like the RFP process. But, to paraphrase Churchill’s famous dictum about democracy: the RFP process is the worst form of agency […]

  • Four types of people; which one are you?

    New Business: It’s Not You, It’s Me

    Chemistry is that funny stuff in the space between people. It’s not about you or me, but what’s between us. That space is called Chemistry and it’s a driving force […]

  • What distinguishes the expert from the novice is the thousand tiny little refinements one makes to improve.

    New Business: It’s the Small Stuff

    There is always another side to new business that agencies often overlook – little things that, when added up, can help (or hurt) your firm in big ways. Wrapped up […]