• Change the market’s perception of your ad agency with one simple idea!

    Open House Creates New Business

    When was the last time you invited all the media reps, vendors, and influencers in your market to an open house at your firm? What we call watering the grapevine, […]

  • The likable ad agency is not luck-of-the-draw.

    Agency Likeability: The Hidden Side of New Business

    Your firm’s likeability, often called “chemistry,” describes the relationship between your firm and a good prospect. Most leading search consultants rate chemistry as the most critical tipping point that either […]

  • Select A Growth Plan That Hits The Target

    Select A Growth Plan That Hits The Target

    Learn how agencies grow by outscoring their competition with better new business processes – not better advertising or PR. Over the past many years Sanders Consulting Group has developed important […]

  • Clients are leaving agencies in record numbers.

    Half Your Clients May Walk This Year

    Client retention at agencies across the country is dropping like a stone. A few years ago agencies could count on keeping clients for four years or more. Now this retention […]

  • Stop making the same mistakes!

    5 Most Common Mistakes in New Business Outreach

    Outreach is vital for new business, vital to building awareness about your firm, and an important way to express your interest in your prospect’s industry. Most agencies seem to be […]

  • All of our programs are supported by a large manual that keeps the training fresh for years!

    New Business Can Be Very Profitable To An Agency – But You Must Invest First!

    New business takes a toll on agency resources including time, funding and energy. That’s why there must be strong commitment throughout the organization to the growth plan. But first you […]

  • A guest post from a big ad agency exec.

    A call from an old friend, new business, and how to win!

    It’s funny, after awhile you forget some of the great stories that come out of the agencies we’ve trained. And then, out of the blue, we get a call from […]

  • There is plenty of new business out there – all you need is a spark!

    Agency Post: Simple Rules For New Business

    The Agency Post, an interactive publication for ad, PR and marketing professionals, was kind enough to post my thoughts on new business here. A short snippet: At its heart, new […]

  • There is a massive tank filled with new business opportunities – what are you doing to tap into it?

    Is Your Agency Winning or Losing New Business?

    This is a repost of what I wrote for Norman Sherman over at the The Troyanos Group – a leading marketing industry recruiting and consulting firm. Outstanding company. New business is […]

  • How many times can you miss in new business?

    Stop Missing Out On New Business You Should Win

    You can have the best creative in the business, the best strategic processes that outflank your competition, and the best brand knowledge, and still not win any new business. It […]