• Never give in to the big guys.

    How Can a Small Agency Compete in New Business?

    With some smart strategic thinking any small agency can win over one of the big agencies.  Many smaller firms we’ve worked with over the past few years have won going up against some of the […]

  • Change is opportunity, if you know where to look.

    Change Marketing Is A Powerful Tool To Find Prospects

    Smart agencies target recent changes or appointments in the marketing, advertising or management areas with key companies or prospects they want. The old change management rule says the new contact […]

  • Frustrated with new business? Focus.

    Focus Your Brand: Focus Your Efforts: Win

    How did an agency in the middle of nowhere Amish country grow 50 percent at the height of this recession? At a time when agencies around the world are cutting […]

  • Is there a secret key to winning new business?

    How Agencies Get New Business

    The faster you understand the key points raised in the very interesting infographic by RSW/US, the closer you are to understanding how to execute a new business program. There are many […]

  • Isn't it time to take a closer look?

    The Most Important Client At Your Agency?

    Most ad agencies are spending way too much time on their accounts and not enough time on the agency’s business. Often when consulting with an agency we will ask them […]

  • Understanding why you failed is the first step in turning new business around.

    7 Ideas On Why Your New Business Program Is Failing

    For an ad agency, no other activity can match the reassurance that winning new business can provide. Not keeping clients. Not winning awards. Not making more money. New business wins […]

  • Stop shouting! Listen. And you will win.

    Winning New Business: Rules For Closing The Deal

    Shhhh… Listen and win new business! The bottom line for every new business person is winning the business. You plan carefully for every good lead and every potential opportunity. You […]

  • How Many New Business Leads are Out There?

    How Many New Business Leads are Out There?

    One of the big problems marketing firms face when thinking about new business is trying to understand the math. Have you ever wondered just how many clients are satisfied with […]

  • Why Prospects Don’t Tell You the Truth

    Why Prospects Don’t Tell You the Truth

    What really happens when you ask a good prospect tough questions? A short time ago, I was training an agency on Spark (how to generate more leads and win more […]

  • With the right training anyone can be a champion!

    You Want to Be a New Business Champion?

    Do you want to be great at new business? To grow your agency? To be a hero to your staff and peers? If you want to be a champion, then […]