An agency personality is projected by its people, its work, its facilities, and what the agency holds as important.

Select the area(s) in the chart that best represent the personality your agency projects to prospects and clients: ad agency personality

If your agency is similar to Red, you might be experiencing churn:

Your agency may find itself much in favor with entrepreneurs and privately owned businesses. Agency may not be satisfying to larger accounts with larger budgets. Accounts tend to come and go on a regular basis. Agency probably doesn’t have many long-term clients. Agency’s ability at new business may camouflage its retention difficulties. Agency will talk about “firing” a client about every year or so.

If your agency is similar to Green, you might be too steady:

Your agency may find itself in favor with larger clients in fairly steady industries. Your clients will typically have complex organizational structures with extensive needs you match well with. Your agency’s processes and way of doing business are impressive to your clients but the agency probably has trouble working with clients in demanding and fast-paced industries such as retail. Your agency’s reliance on research and planning may not be popular with some of your clients. The agency probably isn’t a new business star.

If your agency is similar to Blue, you might be too friendly:

Your clients may be tied to the agency through personal relationships stretching back for some time. The account base is widely varied but growth through new business wins has proven difficult. The agency works closely with its numerous clients and is often rewarded for its loyalty. It grows nicely through organic measures. The agency’s creative product is typically not a strong suite and the firm wins few ad industry creative awards.

If your agency is similar to Yellow, you might be too trendy:

client retention

Find out how you measure up.

Your firm may see every solution as solved with a big idea and some clients feel that way but many more don’t. The agency leads with charm and charisma, typically generated by one strong creative leader. Or the agency might be very small, as an example, two guys and a Mac. The agency loves the new business chase and bores easily handling clients. The agency will have few long-term retention successes. Its new business efforts are what gets management attention and where most of the agency’s energy is focused.

Can An Ad Agency Control Its Client Retention Destiny?

Yes, an agency can change its client retention destiny and create an environment where clients stick and stay. The change can have dramatic effect on the agency’s retention history. To change your agency’s destiny, order a High Gear seminar. This is the first step in learning how to understand and then match client expectations. Client expectations, and how to handle them, shape your retention destiny.


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