• Must be Leap Year: Demise of the Ad Industry Being Reported

    Must be Leap Year: Demise of the Ad Industry Being Reported

    The advertising industry finds itself – yet again – at a crossroads, a confluence, a decision-point, a junction.  Attention is needed.  Assessment is necessary and action is required. After all, […]

  • Why Prospects Don’t Tell You the Truth

    Why Prospects Don’t Tell You the Truth

    What really happens when you ask a good prospect tough questions? A short time ago, I was training an agency on Spark (how to generate more leads and win more […]

  • We can’t help you if we don’t hear from you.

    Top 10 Reasons To Call For Pitch Help

    Why call a “new business consultant” for help with your next pitch? It’s a question I’ve heard, and not infrequently, as a consultant to marketing firms and a coach for their […]

  • With the right training anyone can be a champion!

    You Want to Be a New Business Champion?

    Do you want to be great at new business? To grow your agency? To be a hero to your staff and peers? If you want to be a champion, then […]

  • Time for some positive change.

    Look At This Agency. Is It Yours?

    Your marketing firm will evolve and change over time – that’s a given. People come and go, you mature, perhaps getting a bit comfortable. After all, let’s face it…change is […]

  • Learn how to recognize the unique pattern, or profile, of each prospect.

    Ad Agencies: Use Chemistry To Win New Business

    Creating good chemistry is an art. It doesn’t just “happen.”  Many advertisers try to be objective, but “chemistry is probably 50% to 60% of the decision factor,” comments a retail […]

  • In new business there are winners and losers. 
Learn how to win!

    Win More New Business More Often

    Bring in the experts! Learn how to fix new business forever and celebrate new business wins all the time. Growing your firm these days is more important than ever. You […]

  • Don’t let fear paralyze your firm. Take action now.

    Take Care of Your Own: Leadership!

    In this tough economy, employee training and development is the last thing on your mind. In fact, how many times have you thought or said to someone, “You should feel lucky to have […]