Shift Account Service to a New Level! Focus On Client Retention and Growth!

Transform your team. Grow your agency. Retain more clients.Account management is more complicated than ever. Today’s clients don’t want high-paid account management teams that just manage projects—they’d rather pay for smart people who can have a strategic impact on their business as a whole. And age or seniority doesn’t matter.

If you understand the new breed of client, this era of marketing promises to be both challenging and rewarding. If you don’t, the new world order looks grim.

Recently Bob Sanders, President of Sanders Consulting Group, ran a one-day workshop for the 4A’s based on our HighGear Training Program. The turnout was great and the results were outstanding. The 4A’s mentioned that the manual alone was worth the price of admission.

We asked the attendees to give us some feedback (our famous blue sheets):

Evaluation Scale: 10 = High Value to 1 = Low Value

  1. Program Effectiveness: 8.9
  2. Impact On Client Retention: 8.8
  3. Instructors Performance: 9.6
  4. Handout Materials: 8.9

Bob scored an amazing 9.6 out of 10! Well done!

Just a few of the many many comments:

  • All sections of the training were valuable!
  • The profiling is an amazing tool/resource
  • Tactics for each personality category
  • How to match account team’s profile with clients
  • Helpful to have a map for difficult client personalities
  • Profiling is the key for everything
  • Great sales tool to get more $
  • I’m new to the account side and this was a huge help
  • Important to define who the client is internally (agency) and externally (client) in order to grow business

If you would like to see your account management team shift to a new level, keep clients longer, grow your business, give us a call and set up a High Gear training day at your agency now!



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The High Gear training offers a hands-on workshop that addresses the need for a fresh look at account management. The program shows your team the changing role of account management, the new client world, moving from tactics to strategy, setting price and value for what you offer, and how to negotiate. It moves the account management from just being a bag carrier to a true strategic partner.


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